Hear Janet Jackson’s New Record, “No Sleeep”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… after 7 years away from the music scene, Janet is back! Yes, I repeat Janet Jackson is here with another smash. Reconnecting with fellow producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, she keeps the momentum going with the release of a new single “No Sleeep”. The Queen herself has dominated music charts, as she shows what true artistry is all about. “No Sleeep” brings back that classic “Janet” and “Velvet Rope” persona with an electronic spin.

The track is sensual, hazy, and intimate, all in one. Recently honored as the “Ultimate Icon” at the BET Awards Sunday, her presence alone reminded us how much she has impacted us. If you love Janet, get ready for the “Unbreakable” world tour coming to a city near you! More information on

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