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Healthy Hunting: A food app designed with healthier food choices in mind

A brand new app aims to make healthy food choices easier for poor Londoners.

Photo: Courtesy of Digital News Agency

Today marked the launch of a new London-based app, Healthy Hunting. This app is one of the first personalised food and restaurant app that has been created to help Londoners find nutritious options close-by, to make being healthy on the high street much easier.

Now available to download on Apple devices, the app has already caught the eye of London’s health community, which aims to support people’s well-being alongside their lifestyle goals. Healthy Hunting assists in maintaining a healthier lifestyle and allows people to find inspiration and search for food to meet their nutritional needs.

Co-Founders of Healthy Hunting, Matt Claydon and Pamela Brown are both on a health journey and proactively seek a healthy lifestyle.

In an age where busy Londoners are faced with more food choices than ever before (the amount of high street fast food outlets have increased by 8% since 2014 (Cedar 2017), it has become increasingly difficult to make informed decisions on your diet.

Healthy Hunting uses geo-targeting to find healthy and nutritious food that matches dietary requirements giving users the ability to make a healthy choice, regardless of time constraints.

Unlike other food/restaurant apps, Healthy Hunting is personalised to your requirements and only presents the most nutritious food available. Users simply download the app and share their nutritional needs and restrictions. Healthy Hunting then searches options for breakfast, lunch or dinner and provides available options nearby.

Written by Manny King John

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