Healing Spells, a Tokyo-based producer, shares intrepid four track project: Sanctuary

It’s a tad too busy for me, but I appreciate his attempt at originality.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Healing Spells
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Electronic, in the sense of a robotic non-human way, producer Healing Spells starts off his experimental four-track EP. At one point, I had to turn the song off to make sure multiple streams weren’t playing at one time.

“No, that isn’t another record. That’s the song,” I thought.

It’s a tad too busy for me, but I appreciate his attempt at originality. Whether you know it or not, the concept of originality is difficult. You’re in isolation and unpopular until you aren’t. ‘Half Animal’, the second track sounds like a symbiotic chase of a non-identified species on unknown territory. Again, there’s a lot of sounds clashing together, making what some may refer to as a hodgepodge of frequencies. Thus far, as a first-time listener, ‘Infinity Pond’ sounds the most cohesive. Lastly, the Tokyo-based producer closes off his project with its title track (‘Sanctuary’). It’s as busy as the other tracks, but it is far more subtle.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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