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Review: Healing Spells’ album symbolically represents reconnecting with himself

Healing Spells' cover art for 'Past Lives'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Repeated vocals over a thumping beat open the independent five-track release. Next, ‘Precious Love’ mimics the arrangement and patterns as its predecessor. Seemingly inspired by aquatics or island life, Healing Spells uses flowy synths and hard-hitting drums to express himself. Then, the title track kicks off with a water sound and what sounds like jumbled electronic keyboard sounds, to me. The looping vocals are more like rhythmic markers than they are to be understood. The following concept is evident in ‘Sleep Paralysis’. Finally, ‘Sanskrit’ brings the exploratory body of music to an end.

The artist says the album symbolically represents a reconnection with himself. For several years, he lost touch with what he enjoyed as an artist.’Past Lives’ is inspired by his travelling experience, and about finding that connection again.

On a personal note, I can’t imagine dancing to the music from the album in a club, or at home, but I respect the process of creating and sharing that work with the world. I imagine it may be a similar experience to giving birth after pregnancy.

If you’re a creative person, you know what I mean. In support of creativity, exploring and innovating, stream ‘Past Lives’ below. By doing that, it may affect your karmic returns.

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