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Brooklyn rising star HDBeenDope releases acoustic performance video for ‘I Love Me Too Much’: Watch

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

In almost all online discussions of Brooklyn’s HDBeenDope, you are greeted with the notion that you have stumbled upon greatness in the making. Comments such as ‘I’m here before he becomes one of the greatest’, and ‘Sit back, relax and enjoy this dude go to the top’ makes you feel as though you have found a gem and that it’d be best if you stay woke to this upcoming artist. His latest release, an acoustic version of his single ‘I Love Me Too Much’ evokes that feeling almost immediately.

The lyrics, the raw emotion, and the decision to even make an acoustic version of a song that already works as is, but is even further amplified by the stripped instruments–all indications of a stylistic sophistication typically reserved for more seasoned artists. HDBeenDope has that seasoned feel. This song just proves that if you’re not ready for his ascension, you better get ready…and you don’t have that much time.


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