Hear Halcyon Drive’s track ‘Reach’ from their new album: Elephant Bones

Enriching songs, catchy simple hooks, and soul.

Halcyon Drive is a Melbourne, Australia-based Alternative-Indie band with enriching songs, catchy simple hooks, and soul. They met each other in a classroom, which only had five to six students in it. Soon after, the two paired to make music.

Though Halcyon Drive technically began as Mick’s solo project, it wasn’t long before Max, who would initially join Mick on stage to add energy to the performance, became a permanent member. To this day, they split the creative process down the middle.

It’s hard to imagine that one was without the other, ever. Listen to ‘Reach’ by Halcon Drive from their album ‘Elephant Bones’. The hook to the record is fantastic! Play it loud and sing along! If you’re in Australia, see them on tour.

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