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Milwaukee’s Hakeem Paragon brings hopeful insight to life with the release of ‘A Sunflower in the Shade’: Listen

Hakeem Paragon, goes above and beyond in his music to emphasize the importance of truth, loyalty and resilience that helps with keeping a positive mindset throughout the dark times of life. This leads fans to his latest project ‘A Sunflower in Shade’. The project starts off with an emphasis on honesty with ‘How You Feel’ urging those around him to be forward with the love or the hate they got and sharing parts of himself to listeners. This sets the tone for the project as the project is an honest testament of his feelings towards life and his journey as he pursues success.


He follows up with ‘Nice Things’ which indicates his passion for attaining the luxuries of life. ‘Big L’ and ‘Turns to Champagne’ and ‘Bad Boy’ all give hope to listeners, but sharing the resilience of both the rapper and his hope for his listeners! ‘Vegan Versace’ gives a reminder of loyalty that his people have for him. The project ends with ‘Blossom’ and ‘Love Don’t’ in which he shares some of the revelations his journey has brought him through.

Hakeem Paragon is a gifted rapper, and this body of work is not only sonically pleasing. This project provides an open and honest look into the mind of someone who is goal-driven and determined to be at the top. It will be exciting to watch the rapper as he continues to make his way there!

Written by Manny King John


  1. Mke Standup!! This album is fire and can be on billboard amongst the major label artists but it’s better than the average by far!

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