GRUNGECAKE team stops by Warner Music Group with GRAMMY U mentee

Last month, the GRUNGECAKE team stopped by Asylum Records at Warner Music Group with Recording Academy’s GRAMMY U mentee Aryana. As we entered the office, we walked through the room as some notable members of their team were meeting. We entered the room where Aryana would conduct her interview with Michael, who handles the public relations for Asylum Records. The room filled with plaques from some of Hip-Hop’s notable acts such as Jay-Z, 2 Chainz, and DJ Drama, added to a more exciting feel as we prepared for the interview. The interview began.

Aryana began the interview, with questions surrounding the process, that Asylum follows when looking for artists, and their artist development work. Also, GRUNGECAKE intern Brooke inquired about the importance of talent through songwriting, production, and how that influences their choices in picking artist. Michael, generally shared, the ins and outs of running a record label.

GRAMMY U mentee Aryana with Michael, publicist at Asylum Records
GRAMMY U mentee Aryana
GRAMMY U mentee Aryana

Michael and GRUNGECAKE marketing intern Brooke
GRAMMY U mentee Aryana
Photos: Jeffrey Chambers for GRUNGECAKE


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