Philadelphia-bred singer Greya details one-sided relationship on ‘Thrive’: Listen

With a crisp mix and commanding vocals, Philadelphia-native singer Greya sings about the complexities of a relationship that many people get to experience. Unfortunately, the union is not as healthy as it should be. Things are one-sided, and she blames herself for it.

I wrote ‘Thrive’ about a one-sided relationship. The love interest is really the quintessential egomaniac, just in it for the validation he’s getting from the girl. She just wants clarity and to feel like the effort she’s putting in is mutual, but like so many relationships, she’s getting used for how she makes him feel. It’s kind of a merry-go-round of “I’ll do what I need to to keep you around, but not enough to make this healthy.

She’s not the only person who ends up with the same kind of partner every time, which makes her story relatable. Stream ‘Thrive’ below for your dose of reality on this hump day.

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