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Greenery Map to become one-stop-shop for technologies to advance cannabis industry to meet global retail norms

Greenery Map, the world’s first and only cannabis search engine to allow users to search for cannabis products based on their desired mood, medicinal use, and method of consumption, has made technological advancements to help bring the cannabis industry to meet global retail norms. Since its legalization, the cannabis industry has faced challenges that have put it behind the curve when it comes to retail norms. Now, as the industry is growing to more states, Greenery Map is driving leading technology to help bring the cannabis industry into the 21st century. From banking to online shopping and everywhere in between, Greenery Map is a pioneer in the cannabis technology sector.

Offering bank accounts, credit card merchant processing accounts, online store, and app development, as well as search and advertising features, Greenery Map is a one-stop-shop for all cannabis companies looking to get ahead of their local and national competition.


While technological and banking giants are shy to enter the cannabis sector due to its ‘at-risk’ label, Greenery Map was developed with the sole purpose of propelling the industry forward. With Greenery Map, cannabis businesses across North America have the chance to accept payment like all other retail stores across the world do and to offer online purchasing and delivery services right from one’s mobile device.


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