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7@7: An evening playlist featuring GRAVEDGR and JO Mairs

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Fever Joy, GRAVEDGR, Nico Gomez, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
JO Mairs
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Fever Joy – Shots (Submission)

Fever Joy, an Indie Pop outfit made in Los Angeles with a lead vocalist from Indonesia raised by missionary parents, shares an exciting debut single titled, ‘Shots’. It’s an empowering song made for the boss women in your life if that isn’t you. If you know any women living life with purpose, send it to them. If she doesn’t fall in love with it, she will at least appreciate the words of the music.


Named after the infamous American outlaw and bank/train robber, GRAVEDGR made an enthralling record entitled, ‘JESSE JAMES’. It may be Scorpion of me, but there’s something creepy yet sexy about his sound—in the way that the idea of Excision feels to me. It’s like they spawned from the same tomb. Also, the buttons pressed that sounds like a family member (Thing) from The Addams Family co-produced the track is my favourite part of the record. If you’re ever looking for a jackhammer (to wake you up), invest in all things GRAVEDGR. He’s the one.

JO Mairs – LINGO (Submission)

Just so you can understand where I’m coming from with this one, allow me to explain. I am a thirty-two-year-old woman from the Southside of Jamaica, Queens, so ‘Lingo’ does not only evoke a classic sound that is not popular right now, it is nostalgic for me. When 50 Cent and G-Unit made their mainstream debut, I was in my last year of high school, so you can only imagine what it might have been. Anyway, it is comforting to see that someone from Mississauga, today, still finds inspiration in that era. Check out JO Mairs’ new track below. I like the hook and the production, a lot.

Shibo – pH featuring Nick Dorian (Submission)

I don’t know if you know it, but chemistry is a big deal. Most relationships move forward because of what each person feels about the other. Hey, in my world it is one of those things that make or break a person. You could be the next (insert name here), but if you are hard to deal with, you will become disposable. ‘pH’ is the latest single from Los Angeles-based musician Shibo’s new EP out now through Majestic Casual Records. Nick Dorian, a local songwriter and keyboardist, also appears on the record. Listen to the well-constructed track below. It’s no wonder one of them are studying at the music school at UCLA.

Slip – The Patient (Submission)

Smooth and sultry in its delivery, Slip, a musician from Los Angeles, recently released a solo project. Before this, in the past, he played with alongside many bands. Nonetheless, after playing one of the best music and festivals in the world, Coachella, the artist was without a home. Let me state this again: He was without a home. That didn’t stop him, though. His creative match sparked; Today, despite his adversaries he pushed through and, he has a new LP. It’s called, ‘The Cost’.

Nightseason – Strangers (Submission)

Now that the world is online, I am unsure if we are giving off our true selves or if our virtual representations are a façade. Whatever the correct answer may be, most of us are looking to perfect ourselves before the eyes of others. Therefore, these days, knowing a version of someone is more likely. Thus, perhaps, making us all strangers at the core. Souls are running a mile a minute, but it is seldom that we connect with any that we’d connect with forever. The lyrics to Nightseason’s songs, details what a name on the town could end up being. If you’re fans of Capital Cities, I think you’d enjoy Nightseason. Check out the track, ‘Strangers’ below.

Run the Asylum – Dark Passenger (Submission)

The more I look at myself from the outside… Look, I have a higher standard than most when it comes to music, in general. When I have my rare spare time, whatever I listen to is of an upper echelon—as a product. On the contrary, other times, when free time presents itself, I spend it in silence. Dallas, Texas band—Run the Asylum—are one of those bands that I wouldn’t mind playing in the luxury jeep on the way to meet my fiancé(e), whoever they may be. By listening to the song, without hearing the words, your first guest wouldn’t be: Your first wouldn’t be “‘Dark Passenger’ is inspired by Dexter, the television show.”

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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