Grand National celebrates real friends with ‘Day Ones’ featuring Slyrex

‘Day Ones is’ the second visual from his anticipated album: El Camino Theory.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Grand National
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Who could forget the simpler times of going to the park and kicking it with the homies? The neighbourhood park has always been a place where some of the most important events in people’s life has happened. The first kiss. The first fight. The first time you messed around and got a triple-double. Or most importantly where you met some of your lifelong friends. So it’s no wonder that Grand National would create an ode to these memories with his video ‘Day Ones’.

From basketball courts to playgrounds, to hanging out the window of your favourite old school ‘Day Ones’ is a celebration of real friends. Grand National and Slyrex collaborate on this track as if they were teammates that had been playing together for years. Look, as these two pass the mic back and forth with no effort.

Westside High,
I been on it, if you can’t tell,
Backboard fly in the new grey 12’s,
Devil in the elevator how a nigga raise Hell — Slyrex

This is some critical,
Look what I’m givin’ you,
Smokin’ these papers, a nigga so spiritual,
I drive like 10 and 2 — Grand National

Also, check out the video for ‘Day Ones’ below:

Words by Ando

Written by Manny King John

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