Premiere: Brisbane, Australia-based band Good Will Remedy is under Juanita’s spell


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Juanita, much like ‘Lucy’, seems to have taken a man’s heart. Women are strong; From the way frontman Will Lebihan of the Brisbane, Australia-based Americana/Country band Good Will Remedy sings about the spell she put on him, she may be a. Juanita, wherever you are, girl, you need to put that thing in a jar to sell. Hear the latest from their EP, ‘Witness Mark’.

Lyrically, ‘Juanita’ plays on the idea of being under a spell and has a bit of fun with some of the imagery around trying to leave and never be allowed to make that final step… The song has more of a soul type feel and has been a real hit to play live. The song came together quite quickly and is one of the three tracks on the EP ‘Witness Mark’ and credits all GWR band members as songwriters.