Ever-Ready Vibes: Golden Bear readies for album release

Photo: Courtesy of C-Side Records

Golden Bear is a sweet blast from the past.

Golden Bear
Photo: Courtesy of C-Side Records

Golden Bear, a 4-piece band who makes music in Austin, Texas, released a vintage exercise video that syncs up with their song “Let My Love Come Down.” The band has been together since 2006. However, they look like they are from a time before this: the eclectic ’70s with the implementation of early ’80s synths. Aerobics aside, this song could be a mere blip into the weekend of a titleholder but one that reminds the champ that he or she is worth everything they’ve earned or a soundtrack for admiration.

Laid back yet rich in sound, the album is perfect to play when you’re readying for an outing, on vacation, barbecuing meats (or vegetables) in the yard, laying in a hammock, or taking a long ride on a highway. In my mind, it also feels like what it is to be in love, in any town, in any climate, with anyone. As it plays, each instrument strikes a new part of your brain; curiosity awakened to the unknown. This feeling is similar to anxious freedom, shying away from the walls you’ve recently built for your lover to break down in time.

According to an official press release, Chris “Grizz” Gregory worked alone to craft their new sound during a break. Assumingly, they selected the best from the 20 demos for the 2011 follow-up.

“As a result, I started playing around with a Rhodes piano and different drum machine loops, and found myself much more inspired by these sparse beats and sounds. The result was an outburst of new material, which excited us all enough to re-group and record an album of this style together. — Chris Gregory (Grizz)”

In the past, referred to the band as “a full-fledged power-pop epic” and Entertainment Weekly says that the Austin-based band takes their “grizzly moniker seriously.” So get your dance (aka exercise) on in your living room or let your top down with this in your car system, in the name of ‘Dimensional Place,’ a new fantastic 8-track album out on September 16.

Stream Golden Bear’s three singles from the album via this link. Then, watch the official visual for the lead single, “Let My Love Come Down.” The good folks at C-Side Records — an independent and do-it-yourself record label — would appreciate your time, interest, and purchase.


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