Hear golda’s heartbreaking song about the City of Los Angeles titled ‘Dear Los Angeles’


To me, golda is Lorde if she went the Folk route.

Dear Los Angeles/You’re breaking me down/Sometimes, I think about you lying on the ground/All I do is work for you all day…

Next, she goes into the worldless hook that contains passionate crooning that allows you to stop and think about what she said.

Dear Los Angeles, I came to you with dreams/Now, all that’s left to me is a silhouette of a dreamer…

Being from New York City and having a successful New York-based business, I don’t have the gruelling experience of moving to another city to chase my dreams, but her song expresses what it is for people that have. She continues to narrate the tale, explaining what it is like to become a “silhouette of a dreamer”, but so normal for tons of people who move there with hopes of becoming a star.

Dear Los Angeles, I’m sorry to be harsh/It’s just my times with you have been so God damn hard…

She is incredible, has distinct and breath-taking vocals, and the understanding of how to entertain with her delivery and relatable songwriting. Listen to the master track below.

‘Dear Los Angeles’ is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Listen to the new track by golda down below. I’m looking forward to her EP, which is to come out later this year.