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Morocco-born singer-songwriter Ghita releases the visual for ‘Out of My Life’: Watch

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

A conflict of wanting someone, but needing your own space is common. With the visual for Ghita’s ‘Out of My Life’, she perfectly captures that emotional conflict. Throughout the visual, she is found sprawled out in her home with her lover as they intimately interact. Although, the lyrics suggest she wants her space and for him to get up out of there she seems to be enjoying those moments.

The visual cuts in and out of scenes of her leaving and going to the store purchasing duct tape and rope, and scenes of her and her lover enjoying their time together. Ultimately, the visual comes together as she walks into the store to purchase a bag of chips, then poppin’ the trunk with her lover in it, and tossing him his “favorite” snack. This messaging is clear, I want my space, but I don’t want you out of my life.


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