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Georgia Anne Muldrow

Multi-talented musician, producer and label owner, Georgia Anne Muldrow, is proud to announce her first Rap EP, Ms. One set for release on September 1.

The release of ‘Ms. One’ follows her last critiqually-acclaimed vocal R&B album, the Madlib-produced Seeds in 2012. ‘Ms. One’, produced by Kriswontwo, is a collection of ten tracks featuring five original songs and their instrumental counterparts. Georgia confirms her reign in the industry once again with ‘Ms.One’, showcasing her lyrical ability through Rap. EP opener, ‘Personal’, is a soulful compilation, with both Jazz and Hip-Hop elements integrated into her mesmerizing verses. In this track, Georgia paints a musical canvas with her clever and emotionally driven lyrics, pairing the audio with a time lapse video featuring artist Juse One, who paints a majestic portrait of Georgia to be used as the cover art for the EP.

The EP’s other stunning tracks ‘Crossroads’, ‘Dollar’ featuring Declaime’, ‘Dimension’, and ‘These Worlds’ mirror the same creative genius. The Hip-Hop heavy tracks are infused with enticing melodies, expressing Georgia’s preferred ‘activist mood’ in her raps. Music videos for ‘Dimension’ and ‘These Worlds’ are to be released within the next couple of months.

A U.S. native, growing up in the creative sphere of Los Angeles, Georgia comes from an innovative gene pool. Her father is the late Jazz guitarist Ronald Muldrow and her mother is Rickie Byars-Beckwith, the musical director of Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, California. Their involvement in the progressive Jazz scene has clearly had its effect on Georgia’s career, transforming an influenced youth into an influential musician.

Her uniqueness and love of rhythm struck a chord in producer Kriswontwo, who has dubbed Georgia as his own first lady of Hip-Hop, and is heavily influenced by her work. Georgia and Kriswontwo first worked together in 2010, a collaboration that both inspired and challenged Georgia, and ultimately resulted in Kriswontwo’s invitation to produce ‘Ms. One’. Georgia has spoken highly of their dynamic musical relationship, telling Red Bull Studios, “We share a connection and weirdness in our music.”

With ‘Ms. One’, Georgia lucratively approaches a new genre in Rap, but her politically and spiritually driven lyrics are still very much in line with her original style. Certainly, this is an EP that presents the sonic expression and rhythmic playground that Georgia’s fans have grown to love.

[quote]Maintaining a stinging originality in a world of musical predictability bless the Jah Jah and Dudley – the freshest bloodlines in the game today. – Gilles Peterson[/quote]

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Written by Manny King John

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