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South London rapper Ganja Baby shares official visual for ‘Gorgeous Barbie’: Watch


Aside from his praise for the female anatomy, Ganja Baby (real name Michael Mikel Asare Dompreh), the South London artist from the streets of Peckham seems to push forward the British brand of Southern-influenced Trap forward in a way that I haven’t heard/seen yet in his ‘Gorgeous Barbie’ record. His family is from Ghana and finds inspiration in North American artists like Drake, DMX, Gucci Mane, Migos, Tupac, so it is no wonder why he has a sincere appreciation for round backsides.

The song ‘Gorgeous Barbie’ is all about empowering women, says the artist. I was inspired by everything that makes a woman beautiful. I wanted to think of something that could incorporate the beauty of femininity, as well as tying together my love of Great Britain, hence GB/Ganja Baby/Gorgeous Barbie.


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