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Review: Austin’s Galapaghost’s new album is like a deep current

The flow of the album is synonymous with a deep current: Buoyant and limitless.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Is it odd to say that you can feel the various emotions that the artist(s) probably felt when recording a song? Isn’t it the intention? I am in tune with other people’s music, in that way too, but there’s something about Galapaghost’s new LP. There’s a different theme/sequencing/vibe on every track from the eleven-track album.

For the most part, it is a dark industrial palette that finds the twenty-something-year-old artist looking for freedom. Wanting someone to feel your pain; bleed with you creeps me out a little, but it’s what some people are into (‘Bleed’). Shortly after, on ‘BLT’, it lightens up. A woman sings about feeling remorseful. He doesn’t join her. Back from his short trip, the explosive guitar on ‘The American Dream (‘One Nightmare at a Time’)’ reenergizes ‘Pulse’. The flow of the album is synonymous with a deep current: Buoyant and limitless.

I’m not afraid of much, so when I heard the line about endless fear on the title track, it made me uncomfortable. Later, as I read about the inspiration behind the record, I learned that it is inspired by the Orlando shooting/terrorist attack that happened at a nightclub of the same name. It was the deadliest attack on the LGBT community in US history.

On a lighter note, “Holy Moly” is the funniest song to me. Its ‘Gin & Juice’ reference will leave you in stitches. Please, don’t hesitate to hear the latest release by the Austin, Texas musician below.


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