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GainesFM smiles through his adversaries

What GainesFM tends to say on wax, feels like private conversations went public.

Back in August, one of my contributors—Robert Henry—shared the official video “Smile” with me via email.



ainesFM, the Crystal, Minnesota-based rapper, is one of the most successful rappers from the region. “Fuck all that negative energy” is one of the first lines I heard and repeated by the hardy musician. Embodying the vivacity of any other rapper today, the Twin Cities recording artist seems to plait messages into the au courant sonic threads of now. What GainesFM tends to say on wax, feels like private conversations went public.

Early on, the “Smile” star earned a feature with the (now) pop icon Chance the Rapper for a song called, “We Are” in 2013. On the track, both rappers talked about “reaching for greatness” and “moving away” (from Chicago). That record is off of the Minnesotan’s “Night Crawler Reloaded” mixtape.

According to an interview with Jerard Fagerberg from City Pages earlier this year, the artist “grew up as the mixed-race son of a drug addict.” As a result of his environment, it is where he pulled inspiration for his musical narrative. There’s something hopeful about GainesFM. Instead of basking in trauma from his childhood or the death of people he loves, he wants to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I’m moving away from bitching about my problems,” he shared with the Minneapolis City Pages. “I wanna focus on finding happiness. Or trying, anyway.”

Based on my short observation, I would say he is someone who will be far more influential than he is right now. Subconsciously, most people want guidance and direction. It’s why people (of any age) will watch television shows like Dr Oz for health advice, and Iyanla Vanzant for life counsel. Yes, there are guests on the show receiving help, but we watch to learn the problem, and how to correct it.

In conclusion, the young filmmaker and photographer knew for his exclusive work with GainesFM, Robert Henry, shot and directed the visual. Watch the wonk, wavy video for the Topper Atwood production below.

Next, stream, “Smile” the nine-track extended play by the braided up rapper.


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