Review: G Perico’s ‘How You Feel’

Have you ever been asked what set you claim?

Who remembers gangster music? I’m not talking about Jeezy or Chief Keef. I’m talking about the old Blood and Crips ‘Bangin’ on Wax’ type gangster music. The music your big homies would put on at the house parties while they start throwing up gang signs, trying to quote new members as they gangster walk type music. I literally have older friends who will listen to nothing but music that makes them wanna go “ride on the enemies.” Uncles that will pull out their flag and iron it up when a certain song comes on and start telling war stories about how they used to bang for the hood.

Have you ever been asked what set you claim? I feel like that is what you will start asking yourself and others after you listen to the new track from G Perico‘s ‘How You Feel’. He brings it back to the core of real gang banging music. The strike you up on the corner with loud calls of “crrriiippppppp” music. I like gangster music, and I like this song. It reminds me of DJ Quik for some reason, even though they claim different sides I bet Quik was in one of his older family members rotation when he was a kid.

I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve missed this type of authentic gangster music; Meaning music made by people who live it for people who live it. We all want to relate to the flashy get money songs but some of us relate more to what we see outside our windows. It’s not all glitter and gold. Check out the song below; bring out that inner gangster.


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