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Future’s “Dirty Sprite 2,” Reviewed

Future’s highly anticipated Dirty Sprite 2 makes it evident, by making Future a Pop-star, they made a monster. For his third album, Future invites new and dedicated fans on his journey with his love for the streets, muse for beautiful women and drugs, as he copes with his deepest trials and tribulations at the peak of his career.

After experiencing Future’s disappointing Dirty Sprite 2 listening session at SOBs last week, I am absolutely relieved and satisfied with this body of work. With tracks produced by Atlanta fellowmen Zaytoven, Sonny Digital, Southside, and St. Louis’ own Metro Boomin, this album captures the dark state of mind recently revisited by Future. As he directly addresses his deeply-rooted issues, the production transcends the experiences and exhibits major growth from his previous nursery-rhyme like tracks. The consistent momentum of this Dirty Sprite 2 serves a rush to listeners and bounce with heavy 808s, as we endure the spiral of events Future shares with us.

Those who were not aware of the original Dirty Sprite artist, experiences the snap of the codeine and Sprite bottles (or cans if you will), instantly as Future numbs his pain on “Thought It Was A Drought”. Once the tiptoeing beat drops, so does the spill of the underlying issues the trapper encounters. Future welcomes us to his known drug use and reassures his audience that his cockiness is now on another level as he “fucked your bitch with some Gucci flip flops” and politely extends his invitation into the interesting elements of his A1 lifestyle with “I Serve the Base”, 
”Where Ya At” featuring Drake, “Freak Hoes” (personal favorite).

With Future’s melancholy attitude, he assures his audience, that regardless of the situation, money is always the motive (always) and flossing your success should never be a problem. Needless to say, as Future “jumped out the new whip” on “Slave Master” or even was “bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy” on “Stick Talk”, he blatantly delivers grounds in rewarding yourself, which is by far the best advice to give someone during a gruesome breakup. While splurging, reality hits. As you reflect with Future and begin to appreciate all the you’ve accomplished, pay homage to those who motivated your proclaimed success. Future makes it clear “You gotta know where I’m from to get to know a n*gga” on “Kno The Meaning”. Then of course, assist us in recollecting ourselves back to basics with wrapping up Dirty Sprite 2 with the motive, to “Fuck Up Some Commas”.

To listen to Future’s Dirty Sprite 2, visit Spotify or use the player above.

Words by Chantel J

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Written by Manny King John


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