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Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 Listening Session… Or Was It? (Honestly Reviewed)

Future, Laura Styles and Ebro (Hot 97) | Courtesy of Chantel J

For an exclusive Future Hendrix Dirty Sprite 2 listening session hosted by HOT97 at SOBs, I was highly disappointed. I arrived an hour early (after telling my boss and manager that I had a family emergency) to meet about 10 people waiting. Doors opened at 7PM (private invite read 6PM), the venue was hot with roughly 100-150 dedicated Future listeners rolling in.

I immediately spotted a seat in the second row center stage, patiently awaiting for the show to begin and my spliff to arrive. Ebro and the lovely Laura Stylez started the show off and as a typical New York crowd, we weren’t as welcoming as Ebro and Laura Stylez believed fans of Future Hendrix should have been. A bit agitated Ebro yells “What? Ya’ll not excited to see Future? Come on ladies, ya’ll sitting in the front, not saying nothing?” As they proceeded to introduce Future to the stage and the crowd goes bananas! Walking towards the stage like he left a shower full of diamonds, Future Hendrix hit the stage!

The crowd became calm and the Q&A began. As Hot97’s DJ Juanyto, on cue, dropped songs from DS2 for Future to discuss (Trap Niggas, Fuck Up Some Commas, Real Sisters, Blow A Bag). Two things I noticed as I removed myself from the center of attention, “Blow A Bag” was the only new release from DS2 (July 10) and the questions from the crowd were already set aside from the crowd (made sense since the session was only for an hour, but why did the same Andre from Brooklyn, have his 2 questions chosen?) It was evident Future was not interested in releasing any new tracks and wanted to keep everyone on their toes for Dirty Sprite 2, releasing July 17. I understand Future, I really do.

In a nutshell, this “listening session” for DS2 could have been extremely better. Dedicated fans live for exclusives and actually look forward to interacting with the artist. I personally was not moved by the 3 songs that are already in rotation, as the center of the listening session nor with the lack of interaction with the crowd on the behalf of the hosts. As a supporter of Super Future Hendrix, I will still have my copy Friday.

Words by Chantel J

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Written by Manny King John

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