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FREEAGENCY’s Chizzy Rap$ releases latest track ‘Gold Plates Rims’ featuring Zilla: Listen

With success on the forefront of their minds, Chizzy Rap$ of FREEAGENCY, contributes to their ongoing FREEAGENCY Friday’s series with the release of ‘Gold Plated Rims’ featuring Zilla. He sets the tone of the song with a vivid description of what success looks like to him, sharing the steps he finds necessary to satisfy his pursuit of his truest passion and calling, amongst the rising doubt that may come his way.

Zilla joins bragging of his effortless success and consistent rise as a rapper, while still being able to find balance in other areas of life. Stoic Beats set the canvas as the gifted pair paints for listeners their own portraits of what life has and will be for them as they continue on with their pursuit in music. This song has a great sound, and their flow over the smooth beat, adds an exciting element. Check out ‘Gold Plated Rims’ by FREEAGENCY’s Chizzy Rap$ featuring Zilla.


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