Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Song of the Day: ‘Deliver’ by FOXTROTT

Representing: Montreal, Canada
Genre: Contemporary R&B
For fans of: N/A
Single from: Meditations I-II-II
Produced by: FOXTROTT
Song of the Day: September 5, 2018
Label(s): One Little Indian Records


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

“It’s not my place to change you” may sound as if it is an easy thing to do, but people try to change each other every day. There’s strength in allowing someone to be themselves, and for you as their partner, to be yourself too. It’s what the two of you become when you’re together that makes for a better and healthier relationship. I might be way too logical for most. “Come back to me the way you are” are words that I’d love to hear from a spouse when I’ve done wrong or made a mistake. Everyone doesn’t deserve second chances, though. Toxic people shouldn’t get one chance, but they’re masters at taking advantage of empaths, so they “win” for as long as we allow them.

Watch the animated lyric video for ‘Deliver’ below. It’s subtle and beautiful. The single is from the producer, musician and vocalist FOXTROTT’s newly announced album called, ‘Meditations I-II-III’. I’m excited about it. It will be out on One Little Indian Records in October on the 5th. She’s singing from her soul, for sure.

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