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Watch Detroit rapper FowL’s new video for ‘Tweekin’

It has me wondering: Where’d he go? What happened to the momentum he had?


Straight out of Detroit, freestyle rapper Saffal Tall, known as FowL, recently released his song “Tweekin”. It is one of two songs that he released in the last six months. FowL isn’t new to the world of music. He’s been rapping for awhile. Notably, making his mark on the music scene in 2010 when he was named “The best freestyle rapper in the country” winning the “Red Bull EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile National Championship”.

FowL was just 20 at the time and looking like he was taking the bull by the horns and leaving the underground world of Hip-Hop for the big leagues. FowL’s recent work, ‘Tweekin’ shows off his more mainstream approach, something you’d find in the club or rock out to while exercising. While the song is catchy, full of lyrical rhyme showing off FowL’s talent for freestyle, it differs from his earlier works (‘Ambassador Ridge’).

His previous works highlight his smooth rapping abilities. They speak more from the heart on all topics of life and grinding hailing more truth which is more enticing. It has me wondering: Where’d he go? What happened to the momentum he had? With that said, I’m looking forward to hearing more from him and seeing which avenue(s) he decides to take.


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