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Fousheé teams up with Lil Wayne for ‘Gold Fronts’: Watch the video

The insanely-talented Harlem native Fousheé has teamed up with the GOAT-candidate Lil Wayne for an otherworldly anthem titled ‘Gold Fronts’. The soothing melody speaks of resilience in the face of hardships; no matter what is going on, we take it in stride because they can’t strip us of who we are. Whoever or whatever that ‘they’ is, is open to interpretation. The Black Lives Matter imagery offers one perspective, but the overall message is perfectly and elegantly ambiguous. As Fousheé’s gentle yet impactful voice sails over the instrumental, the Edgar Esteves and Jon Primo-directed video shows beautiful images of Black people in their various elements, being glorious. The song concludes with a masterful verse from the legendary Lil Wayne, emphasizing that no one can take from him what’s his.

Check out the masterpiece below.


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