Watch newest 1017 Records signee Foogiano’s video for single ‘Molly (Baby Mama)’

Gucci Mane’s latest signee to his label 1017 Records, Foogiano is officially on our radar. With his single ‘Molly (Baby Mama)’, he has already made his mark on the industry. This heavy, in your face track, has a hook that most people with ‘baby mama drama’ would relate to: “Baby mama ain’t shit, she won’t let me see my son!” He beautifully, however, follows up that line by letting everyone know that if they mess with her, they’ll have to deal with him–romantic. This song is fire, and sure to get anyone hype, whether you relate to the lyrics or not! Foogiano has the formula for success, clearly, and we expect to see and hear more fire dropping from him as he advances in his young career.


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