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FoodGasm: Sweet Spice Caribbean and American Delight (Savannah, Georgia)

Images: K.B. Ansari
FoodGasm: Sweet Spice Caribbean And American Delight (Savannah, Georgia)
Image: K.B. Ansari

Where everything’s nice

The slogan says it all. If you’re looking for mouth watering — no screw that — If you’re looking for mouth-drooling food then Sweet Spice Caribbean and American Delight in Savannah, Georgia., located on 5515 Waters Avenue is for you. Donovan Smith, born in Westmoreland, Jamaica is the man behind the Sweet Spice restaurant. Not only is he passionate, but he is doing great things with his food. He also let me go into the kitchen to see how he cooks. Numbers do not lie people, Sweet Spice brings in a whopping 250 people a day, that alone says that Sweet Spice is a force to be reckoned with. On top of that, Smith says that he will be expanding his business in other local areas of Georgia as well, like the ever-expanding Pooler area. Are there any Caribbean restaurants up for the challenge?

Let’s talk about the food though. If you ever go to Sweet Spice, you have to try the curry shrimp and curry tilapia. For those of you who hate fish because of the taste, no worries because the tilapia tastes like chicken, and no, I am not saying that because I am Black. It is simply the truth.

These two dishes actually have simple flavors which is easy to make if you want to impress someone with your “cooking”. Seasonings like yellow curry (duh, not called “curry shrimp” or “tilapia” for no reason), salt and pepper mixed, a little butter to sauté the vegetables, seasoned salt, and other flavors. That first bite says it all, the succulent shrimp dancing on your tongue before it flows down your throat making everything come together in a orgy of flavors — “flavorgy”. Yeah, that’s right, you taste it don’t you? The crispy feeling of tilapia in your mouth gives the dish a little crunch for your bite. Besides the food, the décor is on point as well. It makes you feel like you are actually in Jamaica, with the Bob Marley and Usain Bolt posters, and who can’t forget the Jamaican flag. Does it feel like home yet?

Hopefully, this convinces people to come down to Savannah, Georgia, just to try a little piece of Sweet Spice — where everything’s nice.

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Written by Manny King John

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