FoodGasm: Sweet Carolina Cupcakes (Savannah, Georgia)

Image: K.B. Ansari
Image: K.B. Ansari

Eat. Enjoy.

With only $60 in her bank account and her grandmother’s recipes at hand, owner of Sweet Carolina Cupcakes, Holly Slayton has become the business woman she has desired to be prior to opening her shop. Holly Slayton not only has one location for her shop, but two — one resides in 1 North Forest Beach Dr. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina while the other is at 38 Whitaker St. Savannah, Georgia. You can say that Slayton has already made it to success. Not only is she busy baking and running a business, but she also does various chartable works.

Choosing Sweet Carolina Cupcakes was honestly a last minute decision, due to the fact that other shops were closed on Sunday. Although, the decision was late, I still left the shop as a happy customer. Being a fan of cupcakes and only going to a cupcake shop once did it for me. There were plenty of deserts to choose from, plus a staff member guided me on what choices to make. Let it be known that cupcakes are not the only desert items on the menu. Sweet Carolina Cupcakes also carries whoopie pies, cakes, muffins and other deserts. So come and experience a multitude of flavors ranging from classic vanilla to mocha latte. The winter menu (January 6- March 1) consists of 21 different flavors but there are four all-year long everyday cupcake flavors as well. Was it mentioned that there is also a gluten-free cupcake? For anyone who loves anything gluten-free, Sweet Carolina Cupcakes thought of you. Not only is everything freshly baked, but many of the ingredients used are bought locally; also come from the Farmer’s Market.

Three cupcakes were given a bite: Sweet Carolina, Almond Joy, and Hot Chocolate. No need to ask if all three were amazing — the answer is yes! Unlike some cupcakes, the cake alone carries moisture and the cake to frosting ratio is great as well. Not too much cake and not too much frosting, everything balances itself out. The best out of the three cupcakes that were tasted will have to be the hot chocolate, which is a brown cake with a butter crème frosting that is infused with cinnamon and a bit of cayenne pepper for a little kick to your bite. The first bite will make you want to melt; while the rest will have you begging for more. Each cupcake is priced at $3.50, so take as many as you can afford.

Let’s not limit the “pretty-ness” to the cakes, the store is another eye grabber and will have you wanting to eat because of all the pink colors that beautifully decorate the store; also the photographs of cupcakes and a full space to enjoy your sweets. The whole ambiance will put you in a mood to where you want to give everything a taste. Does it help to say that Sweet Carolina Cupcakes has a 93 percent thumbs up rate on That surely does help a lot when it comes to convincing people to try out the desserts. Whenever anyone is in town in either location, stop by Sweet Carolina Cupcakes where your inner child will come out.

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Written by Manny King John

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