New York-based Retro-Pop duo Fly By Midnight release ‘Lost Without You’ featuring Clara Mae: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

As always, the loss of love plagues the heart and minds of those not lucky enough to hold onto it. Los Angeles-based Pop duo Fly By Midnight, joined by Swedish songstress Clara Mae, look to skip past the brokenness of a breakup on their latest release ‘Lost Without You’. Hoping to avoid the awkward moments that arise between past lovers in almost every situation, they ask for consideration to skip that stage and still maintain a friendship. All three performers on this track killed with their vocal performance, creating not only a song that sounds good, but is relatable to almost everyone going through those moments. This is a well-put together song, and although its subject matter may be emotional, the presentation of this track keeps you excited for more.

Written by Manny King John

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