Flashback Friday: “Hot Spot” by Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown, the Brooklyn rapper known for her bold sexuality and quick-to-flex demeanor, has been in the game since 1997. Taking her name from Pam Grier’s role in Blaxploitation, Foxy Brown is fierce by nature. Def Jam continuously leads Foxy Brown to success, from the inception to the present.

The “Hot Spot” video displayed hardcore lyricism and a “bounce” type of swag from Foxy, exhibiting exactly how she became a Grammy-nominated artist. The opening of the video is blue, green, and silver lights accompanied by smoke foreseeing the sassy show Foxy always delivers. She appears with several female back-up dancers in a metallic and black bikini looking attire that screams originality. Foxy owned the dance floor with her vocal and body movements, all while possessing slight innocence with the upper half of her hair in a ponytail. However, for the next scene in the video all purity is stripped. She appears in a brown bra and short shorts with her legs open, both revealing and appealing to the sexy beast in the viewers. The body language on 21-year-old Foxy drew her fans in because she wasn’t afraid to exhibit what God gave her.

“Hot Spot” is only one of the songs that helped her accomplish so many successes throughout her career. While there will never be another Foxy, emerging female artists can definitely learn a lot from the veteran.

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Written by Manny King John


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