Flashback Friday: ‘What They Really Want’ by DMX featuring Sisqó

At the age of eleven, all I wanted was to be part of the Ruff Ryders. If you were around during that era, then you would understand my infatuation. You could say that I had a hidden wild-side at a young age, waiting to be released. What can I say? I enjoyed watching music videos that I shouldn’t have been watching. It’s interesting how the rap industry helped me mold and expand my mind. I partially owe it to Eve and DMX for opening my Ruff Ryders chakra. Whenever I see DMX, there is something about him that makes me smile. He became that rapper I wanted to touch, just to see if he would bark or bite me.


Rewinding time to the early 2000s, the ruffneck DMX was at a pivotal point in his career. The New York rapper DMX was the representation to the many aspects of a Ruff Ryder’s lifestyle. In that era, Def Jam released some of the hottest artists and tracks of the century, one being DMX. The ‘What They Really Want’ video from his ‘And Then There Was X’ album, was directed by the hottest director at the time, Hype Williams. DMX demonstrated a cutthroat description about these bitches he encountered during his fame and his thoughts about it. The track—video featured the smooth vocals of Sisqó that made it into a song—video you can listen to over and over again.

‘What They Really Want’ is one of those classic videos of that era. Where the rappers were either shirtless wearing a du-rag and/or a bandana or wearing a track suit bottoms with Timbs. The women had a more authentic sex appeal by capturing you with their expressions and gestures. This song had to hit many people in and out of the industry. During my moments of watching this video, DMX wife would come to mind. Why? Because if you pay attention, DMX is basically going through a list of women he has fun time with. He even had some fun time with me, nah not with me but some ‘Tania’ he mentions in the song. Even though his adventure ends where it started and doesn’t move forward, it sure had him questioning, what they really want? If I was to answer that question I would say, that they wanted to be part of that lifestyle, his money, and probably be that side-chick that will escalate to the main bitch. ‘What They Really Want’ had a message for everyone: That you’ll question these bitches intentions. Adding to that notion: Just because these rappers fuck with you, they will keep their distance in order to maintain their life.

DMX’s popular track, ‘What They Really Want’ put these women and himself on blast in a non-vulgar way. Personally, this is a bonafide classic that you’ll end up listening to years from now. When it hits the airwaves from time to time, you go back to what rap-smooth questionable groupie love is all about. The difference in today’s version of this song is that we keep calling these women ‘thots’ and that these ‘hoes ain’t loyal’. Yet, remember the time when DMX let it known that he wasn’t loyal. He’ll be a player for life by not letting women take over his life. Some should take notes from him with this song.

Point blank—period, we need the real DMX back.

Written by Manny King John

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