First Look: Elayna Lopez

If you’re not careful, you’ll get lost in her mesmerizing eyes and curves

Elayna Lopez, a professional dancer probably best known as Azealia Banks’ dancer who travels with her on tour and performs in her music videos, stuns in a new video produced by Minister Akins. “E$” showcases the illustrative D.C. native’s elegant and delegate rhythmic movements (which switch tempo as the drums enter) to a Disclosure remix of Q-Tip’s “Work It Out”.

Lopez expresses the inspiration behind the video:

It is a slighty more glammed up version of that scene from Flashdance where she’s practicing and working out to “She’s A Maniac” by Michael Sembello in her warehouse, which is also her home. She had a pet pitbull in the movie, but I have a prissy black & white cat in mine, Lopez laughs.

Major congratulations to the visual team. You did a great job! Watch “E$”, the video with her namesake:

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