First Look: Adi Ulmansky

Whether cotton candy or trolls of the 90s inspire Adi Ulmansky, we love it all.

Adi Ulmansky

Last week, 25-year-old singer, rapper and producer Adi Ulmansky, came by Dungeon Beach recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to discuss being in the States for the first time, meeting Moby at one of her gigs and her unique fashion mode seemingly inspired by Sailor Moon, the Japanese manga series turned television series which aired on American networks from 1992-1993. Because of it, I think she will be one of the luckier musicians to garner a die-hard fan base who will inevitably emulate her fashion sense à la Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga.

We’re not sure if there’s something in the bourekas or the ladane in Western Eurasia, but we’re coming across some talent so wintry, Vostok, Antarctica doesn’t hold a finger to their cool. We are stirred by artists in Jerusalem and its surrounding countries. Leading the pack for the girls, Adi Ulmansky is a successful young star whose appeared on the Israeli equivalent of American Idol, MTV and the American Express where she was selected for their Young Professionals project. To date, she’s released two projects “Shit Just Got Real” and “Hurricane Girl” which have been premiered praised on American-based online publications like Vice, The Guardian and JAY Z’s Life+Times.

Adi Ulmansky

When explaining why she came to the States, she expressed,

I just really wanted to try and understand how it would feel to perform here because I’ve played lots of gigs in London, Prague, Europe and Israel of course.

Shortly after, Adi Ulmansky shared that she has come to the realization that she needs to be here, in New York City.

I have to move here. It’s where things will happen. I am in love with New York. I mean wow. [It’s] Just beyond expectations. [It’s] Just like amazing so it feels really good to be [here] and I was apart of CMJ. I think I’m really trying to create something that, just like my music, would combine different elements from different cultures. I’m really inspired by anime and the Japanese culture alongside Israeli culture, which is like, more inspired by Arab music and Arab style. I find [Arab culture] very cool. [My] braids [are] more like the 90s vibe and all the tie-dye shirts, so I’m really trying to take what I like from each and every genre or style.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current project that you have and your time in the States?

I just got here a walk and a half ago and first, she went to Los Angeles to play Culture Collide which is Filter Magazine’s showcase and that was pretty cool because it was kind of small but industry people and very important people to meet and perform to. Moby came to one of my gigs,” she gleamed. “I was like holy sh*t. That was quite amazing!

Did he speak to you at all?

Yeah. I couldn’t talk, you know? I was like, “Are you serious?” As she gasps for air to reenact her special moment.

When you first heard the name GrungeCake, what came to mind?

Wow, that’s a tough question. The word grunge for me is super meaningful because you know, I grew up listening to grunge music. I’m really into, you know, both musically and style wise, I’m really into all aspects of grunge. So, I guess that’s the main thing that came into my mind but — It’s funny because today, I’m doing electronic music. I don’t really do anything that has to do with rock or guitars, but you know, I grew up listening to that music. I used to play guitar.

You definitely have the attitude. You can see it. You exemplify it.

That’s funny. It’s kind of the first time anyone says it to me.

Adi Ulmansky's "Hurricane Girl EP"

Lastly, Adi Ulmansky reflected on Dungeon Beach:

I live in Israel and there are amazing studios, cool stuff but wow, I’m just like.” She’s working on a new EP which she deems “a step up” and clues that it’s going to be “way more melodic and way more aggressive” from her previous releases.

It’s her goal to combine rap and the melodic side of her music. She’s also preparing to perform all over the States and Europe. Stay up-to-date with Adi Ulmansky and visit her website to connect with her on your desired social networks. Then, download her latest project at your convenience.


Written by Richardine Bartee

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