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Fifi Rong delivers new video for ‘The One’

Watch the sultry singer’s new video for the lover’s anthem.


ave you ever fallen in love? Have you ever been so obsessed with someone that your whole world revolves around them? It can be hard to get them off your mind, in much the same way that Fifi Rong’s new song can be hard to get out of your head. Recently, Fifi released a video for her song “The One.” Fifi is the subject of just about every frame of the video. Fifi is the centre of attention in the music video, in the same way, your lover becomes the centre of your attention when you fall in love. 

The song is light and buoyant, with a hook that asserts the statement “you could be the one”, an answer to the question we all ask ourselves when becoming involved with someone special. Fifi Rong’s singing is both excited and relaxed; the way you are when you’re enjoying the company of an old friend. The beat over which she sings is playful and cheery, with fun, unexpected noises that pop out and keep the listener entertained. Similarly, the video for “The One” is warm in colour and bright to match the tone of the song. With Fifi being the focus of most of the shots, she uses the motion of her body to bring life to the clips, subtly twisting and turning her figure, entrancing us in her body, the same way a lover would. 

Fifi Rong
Photos: Courtesy of the artist

Lose yourself in the beauty of this video, the same way a lover loses themselves in their beloved. Let Fifi Rong show you that she could be “The One”, with a beautiful love song that is both comfortable and experimental, paving a new sound that is as welcome as it is unique. If you enjoyed this song, definitely don’t stop there, all of FiFi’s music is amazing. Be sure to keep her music on your radars, as she’s sure to cause a sensation with this one.

Fifi Rong


Words by Oliver Manifest

Written by Manny King John

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