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Satisfy your sweet tooth with ‘SAMOAS (TALKiNG SHiT)’ by FERRARiROCHER

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

You don’t want no smoke/You don’t want cottonmouth

There’s a very refreshing and palpable energy buzzing around women in Rap right now. As several new female faces emerge and gain enormous followings and support, the genre expands and different niches are starting to be filled. There is a woman rapper for every kind of Hip-Hop listener right now. And for the fans of the “sugar trap” subgenre most recently led by Rico Nasty, there’s an entire female Rap group to indulge in: FERRARiROCHER.

Fifteen seconds in, and it’s easy to imagine these three women on a festival stage somewhere waiting for the beat to drop on ‘SAMOAS (TALKiNG SHiT)’. A simple enough song, ‘SAMOAS’ has the kind of beat that you can ride around to it calmly or mosh to it in a muddy grass field at Rolling Loud.

Talking shit/We gon’ pull up quick

Sweet in tone but dangerous in lyric, FERRARiROCHER balances a bubblegum aesthetic with no-nonsense bars. Each member of the trio has a distinct style, flow and content matter, but they mesh wonderfully over this stripped-down Trap hit. And ‘SAMOAS’ is only the tip of the delectable iceberg; the entire ‘DESSERT COMES FiRST’ EP is just really enjoyable, and makes you feel exactly like a kid in a candy store. Stream ‘SAMOAS (TALKING SHiT)’ from ‘DESSERT COMES FiRST’ now, before FERRARiROCHER takes over the rest of 2020.

Written by Manny King John

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