Review: New Jersey band Ferentz and the Felons two-track EP deals with matters of the heart



Have you ever felt like you had to move away from a city you loved to get over someone? Ever feel like you're not wanted or in isolation?

Ferentz and the Felons’ frontman Zak Ferentz sings about love and connection. Then, he sings about the city draining him, so he wants to leave. ‘Ash Moon’ is a song about the prettiest person he will ever know. In my mind, it suggests that he is in a serious relationship—perhaps, a marriage. He doesn’t go into much detail, but you tell that whoever it is, they have his heart.

Ferentz and the Felons' cover art for 'Hudson County' EP

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

‘Hudson County’ is the title track filled with passion and emotion. Honestly, moving on isn’t as easy as we think it should be. So, there’s a song to help us go through it. It’s the second song from his independently release two-track EP titled, ‘Hudson County’. Like most creative people, he finds inspiration from his personal life. In particular, you can hear it from the amount of soul he pours into each line. As someone who watched his parents battle with drug addictions, and it affected his life, he creates a new perspective on urban America. Check out the video for the Hudson County, New Jersey-native band below.

Furthermore, Zak Ferentz is the vocalist. He also plays the guitar. Matt Waz plays the drums. Robert Dudziak plays the bass, and Rich Catalano is the lead guitarist.