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Fashion Forward: Sibling, Christopher Raeburn and J.W. Anderson

It may be hard for most to hold anticipation for next winter but Sibling, J.W. Anderson and Christopher Raeburn are sure to turn heads and change minds. Every piece from each collection is bizarre, boundless and incomparable to any other. Even those of you who are like myself and aren’t too enticed with high-fashion can’t deny the works of art these three designers have created, even to marvel at.

Sibling is by far one of the most captivating schemes this season we’ve seen. Their pink boyhood-esque vibes were mastered and we can only hope to see more of these looks on the street come next Fall. The gem out of this collection for me is definitely the oversized woven crocheted sweater for its unique vibrance whilst still maintaining a classic nature.

As Sibling strayed from seasonal fashion normalcy, J.W. Anderson revived some classical, subtle, prim vibes. J.W. Anderson’s latest definitely sparks me as that 53-year old white guy that owns either an indie record or vintage thrift spot in lower Manhattan. Despite it not being one of my favorite fashion eras, I’m so on board for the 70s vibes surfacing in this collection. Even Anderson’s sparing use of color makes for a strong but subtle and classy presence.

Christopher Raeburn has my absolute attention now! Hopefully I’m not the only one that’s moved when someone can turn a good work jacket into a daily fashion necessity- Most everything in this collection appears to be some simple but major alterations of all the work wear you’ve probably seen on a city construction, safety, MTA, (etc) worker. Aside from that area of the collection, the custom camo prints are at least, refreshing. But irl (in real life), out of everything, literal everything, this life-bubble-jacket creation really just saves the day!

Written by Manny King John

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