Play Fascinations Grand Chorus’ new track more than once

Stream the latest single from the forthcoming EP “Anglesea,” out December 8 via Silent Stereo Records.

Stream the latest single from Fascinations Grand Chorus’ forthcoming EP “Anglesea,” out December 8 via Silent Stereo Records.



f there’s one thing I know about crushes, it’s that they are one of the most amazing tragedies to befall everyone who’s ever walked the earth. Most crushes start out pleasant, but as they progress, many of them end in heartache. Some people see them as threats and do their very best to avoid them at all costs. Fortunately for us as a race though, feelings can sometimes be hard to avoid. “When You’re Mine” by Fascinations Grand Chorus is a song about someone who has fallen hopelessly into a crush. They yearn for your love but fantasize until further notice. The song recalls past relationship troubles and points out how things will be different next time, but we’ve all heard that one before.

The song itself is exciting and upbeat. It’s a sublime blend of indie synths and surf rock guitar. The cherry on top though is Stephanie’s singing. She hits those high notes like an indie angel, ready to steal your heart and break it if need be. Let’s just say, if you’re going to burn a mixtape for your crush’s car, be sure to add “When You’re Mine.” Put it somewhere in the middle, so it’s not obvious.

On a serious note though, this song is super cool, and you should give it a listen. It’s a relatable topic, with a catchy tune, isn’t that the perfect combination after all? Honestly, how many songs do you know that makes you feel like you’re riding the wave of the contest, during a Valentine’s Day competition? I have a feeling Stephanie was thinking of Dick Dale when she sang this song. I wish Fascinations Grand Chorus the best of luck!

Fascinations Grand Chorus


Written by Manny King John

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