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Yes, we like all kinds of music: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Country music but we are highly selective of what we publish. Quality is everything. In a rare instance, we’ll bend our own rules if we truly see potential in the (emerging) creative. Usually, we want to support them or their publicist had a damned good pitch! If you are not represented by a publicist but you strongly believe and feel that we’ll like your product (enough to support it for free), send your stuff to us. If you’re looking for a guaranteed post, send an email to this address for a link to our rate card to get started. Good luck! If you’re just looking for advice, click on the donation button that best suits your wallet and we will advise according to our expertise. *Calls are 30 minutes only.

Where is GrungeCake located?

Where can I locate your rate card and / or media kit?

Who owns GrungeCake? Where does it come from?

What does GrungeCake mean? What is it?

What is Audibase?

Audibase is a new audio streaming service, app and web player, that we’ve partnered with to bring an unique branded experience when streaming or downloading music from our website. Because of that relationship, it is seldom that you will find any other players on our website. If you do see other embedded players, it is either an archived post or a specific request from a major artist who probably partnered with another music streaming service. In other words, if you are submitting music to be considered, please send your downloadable files or links. If your submission is selected, and you do not supply us with the aforementioned, your post will look like this link.

*Unless you’ve previously discussed being published with our Editor, and you have a written agreement to contest, do not expect a post if you send your product(s).

All trademarks are properly of their respective owners.


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