Photo: Courtesy of Fanta

Fanta teams up with Nora for «Fanta X You»

As of yesterday, the collection is available at YME, a lifestyle and fashion boutique in Oslo.

As of yesterday, the collection is available at YME, a lifestyle and fashion boutique in Oslo.


Even though the publicist who shared the information with me decided to vanish, there’s an exciting new collaboration between Fanta and Scandinavia’s most notable Hip-Hop group (Arif, Unge Ferrari, Philip Emilio, DJ Duo Loveless, and dancer Mona Berntsen). The group are from a collective-slash-music label called, Nora. If you’re unfamiliar with the company, it is a full-service career agency that caters to exceptional talent in the sports and entertainment industries. As it says on its website, it “provides day-to-day management, publishing, booking, merchandising, finance and business venture management, and record label operations in cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment.”

Also, a young Pop princess named Tomine Harket is part of the clothing collaboration. It’s the company’s first clothing collection ever. The collection features rugby tees, hoodies, a set of silk scarves, piquet shirts, and regular tees.

Photo: Courtesy of Fanta

Fashion and design have always been very close to my heart. Naturally, I thought it was a great opportunity to be part of something so unique, says Mona Berntsen.

The accomplished dancer is currently part of Justin Bieber’s dance crew and has previously worked with artists like Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown.

This has been such a fun and interesting experience. I think the collection turned out really good, and can’t wait to see how it is received by the public, she adds.

The clothing line is a product of Fanta’s relaunch campaign, «Fanta X You», where young adults are supposed to “take over” the soft drink brand by creating their own content. True to the Fanta X You-spirit, the brand gave the artists the full creative freedom to design anything they wanted for their #fantaXnora-collection.

It was a bit nerve-wracking not to know what the results of the collaboration would become, but after we saw which direction the artists were taking our brand, there was no doubt in our minds. We simply love the result of the collaboration, says Brand Manager for Fanta in Norway, EwelinaZawadzka.

As of yesterday, the collection is available at YME, a lifestyle and fashion boutique in Oslo.

Editor’s note: Finally, I wanted to add more images from the lookbook. I didn’t get a reply when I requested them. Therefore, we have one image embedded in this article.

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