Extra Earworms: A weekend playlist for new artists

Instead of turning down submissions that don’t fit in any of our other playlists, we’ve decided to make a new one. It’s called Extra Earworms. It is a weekend playlist for the best new tracks/videos by new artists.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Okey Dokey & Liz Cooper – Winnebago (Submission)

Less than we probably should, we don’t celebrate the moments when we’re old, brittle, and on the way out of this thing called life. With the release of ‘Winnebago’, we are forced to look at the reality of aging. Watch the cinematic visual below. It is from their forthcoming LP set to come out next month.

Chateau Chateau – Evidence (Submission)

Are you in need of a pick me up after a shitty relationship? As soon as the music begins in ‘Evidence’, that’s the sort of energy it transfers to me. Sulk no more. For the next three minutes, the blows of the world are softened. Who would have thought a band spawned in Tucson, Arizona would make something so infectious that would play in the walls of the space I’m in, to make me feel renewed—momentarily?

Sef Lemelin – Cardinal (Submission)

Have you ever played those driving games where you’re driving through an obstacle course with lanes as crooked as Lombard Street in San Francisco? Well, ‘Cardinal’ is the adrenaline-pumping soundtrack for those moments of your gaming experience. I did not hear anything by the Canadian producer Sef Lemelin before. Nonetheless, he marries two tempos, which happen to be synonymous with my duality. Hear the well-produced record below. It’s impressive for someone who started playing instruments—almost by accident—in the nineties.

AMERIIE – Curious (Submission)

It has been many years since we’ve heard an Amerie record. Over the years, she’s taken on another alias (AMERIIE), but for whatever reason, it didn’t seem to hit the masses as she probably wished. Now, she is back with a song called ‘Curious’ about a lover. Check out the hypnotic single from her new album ‘4 AM Mulholland’ below. It’s the lead record.

Lucinda Belle – Baby Don’t Cry (Submission)

Lucinda Belle, known as a trailblazing Jazz harp artist, recently released her new single called, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. It’s a celebrates emotions, by not suggesting that one shouldn’t cry at all. It does recommend that you stop crying to move on to something better.

Pardon my ignorance, but are most harp artists singers? Do they sound as good as Lucinda Belle? I mean, how charming is her voice? It could be because she is British. I’ve said it before. I will say it one more time. Whoever is coaching the singers across the pond is doing a grand job. Listen to the pristine audio below. If you’re a fan of Amy Winehouse, there’s a good chance you’d like her.

Yan – 20190203 Juke/Footwork Dark Mix (Submission)

If you’re looking for an entertaining mix to charge you up on a Monday morning, Yan’s footwork mix is one to consider. For someone who claims to have started in June 0f 2018, his collection of polyrhythmic 160 BPM gems keep your body moving and your head spinning. Listen to the Hokkaido, Japan-based producer’s latest effort. The track listing is below.


01 DJ Roc – Bass 4 Yo Face

02 DJ Rome – Juke House

03 RP Boo – Bounty

04 DJ Manny – Turn Me Up

05 DJ Emoe – Phreak Squad DJs Inst

06 Benny Fishel – Indigenous

07 Hesk & Paveun – React

08 Taso – Murda Bass

09 EQ Why – This Is Footwork

10 DJ JAY R – Bang Em

11 DJ Taye – Thirsty

Mark Diamond – Steady (Live) (Submission)

Last week, the Maple Valley, Washington-native singer-songwriter Mark Diamond released ‘Steady’. Now, he’s back with a visual, giving us access to his live studio session. Check out the video below.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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