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Extra Earworms: A weekend playlist for new artists

Instead of turning down submissions that don’t fit in any of our other playlists, we’ve decided to make a new one. It’s called Extra Earworms. It is a weekend playlist for the best new tracks/videos by new artists.

ISSA US – Sweet featuring Thea Austin (Submission)

Whenever I hear music like this, I think about Luke & Leroy [West Village] in the early 2000s. I would go to nightclubs with my boss. From the time we’d enter the club until we left, my boss would dance the night away. I remember it like yesterday. I’m telling you, my boss would float as if there were rollerblades on her feet, but there weren’t. To this day, my former boss is one of the most influential people in my life. This song is a dedication to her spirit.

Dumaresq – Hibernator (Submission)

Sometimes, music isn’t only about direct messaging through spoken word or filling up a record with bells and whistles, or words. It is also about the negative space in its composition. When words aren’t present, at the very beginning of a track, there might be a deliberate message within the silence. So, if and when a vocalist enters, their first barrage of words are heard with clarity.

Manny Channa – Four-Five (Submission)

Manny Channa understands the formula to write a good song, but we think that ‘Four-Five’ sounds like a reference track for another artist. Don’t get us wrong. It is not to say that his vocal delivery couldn’t become better over time, but currently, it isn’t at it’s best. He sounds stuff on the record.

Gina Brooklyn – Warning (Submission)

We think Gina Brooklyn has a lush voice. It’s the first time we’ve heard of the seventeen-year-old singer, but we doubt it will be the last. Things are steadily picking up for her. Unlike many performers her age, Brooklyn decided to take on a musical style that involves a skilful vocal ability that’s hard to duplicate or computerise. ‘Warning’ is about breaking up with someone you love; why it is painful to separate.

We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more from the artist.

MARCØ – Mirage (Submission)

If you’re around when the zombie apocalypse happens, and you have time to make a music playlist for your getaway, you don’t want to leave out ‘Mirage’ by MARCØ. You might not make it. Listen to face-slapping basslines from the North American producer’s track below.

CYRUS aka “Kid 16” – Speeding (Submission)

Without a doubt, we think CYRUS is a talented songwriter! However, we don’t think ‘Speeding’ is the song that is unique to him as a recording artist. We’re not counting him out, though. That’s why we’d like for you to listen to the energetic Migos-esque record produced by Honorable C-Note below.

Hendrix Harris – New Chains (Submission)

‘New Chains’ is a smooth track with raspy vocals delivered by theFrench singer-songwriter, Hendrix Harris. On a personal note, we wished he showed out by performing the lyrics of the song, but he didn’t. Yes, without a doubt, he has a beautiful voice. We just wanted more vocal acrobatics from him. A fan could dream…

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