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Extra Earworms: A weekend playlist for new artists

Instead of turning down submissions that don’t fit in any of our other playlists, we’ve decided to make a new one. It’s called Extra Earworms. It is a weekend playlist for the best new tracks/videos by new artists.


Eve Minor – OMG featuring Dem Atlas (Submission)

Eve Minor is one of the only young female artists in New York City, that takes advantage of her sultry voice, in a way that most wouldn’t. As edgy as she wants to be, the independent punk starlet sings about her nether regions the way a man would without any apologies. We commend Dem Atlas, the featured artist, who doesn’t seem to be shaken or nestled by her words on the track. He falls right in line to deliver. Check out the Reggae/Rock track, ‘OMG’ below.

Styline x Mr. Sid x Dave Ruthwell – DONT STOP (Submission)

‘DONT STOP’ makes me think of a good time in Ibiza, sipping a cold drink—doesn’t have to be alcoholic—as you’re soaking up the sun. At every turn, there’s someone with chiselled abs, round hips, chubby cheeks, and little to no clothes on because they get in the way of the fun. You know, proper inclusion. They’re all smiling, having a great time. Dancing to this wicked beat.

Hanibul Luna – Ella (Submission)

Hanibal Luna, well-known as DJ Prodigy in the industry, the talented vocalist shares his other creative skill with us. His voice emits confidence and maturity, as well as sincere sorrow. The words to the song, ‘Ella’, serve as a letter to a loved one, his daughter. Before this moment, Hanibal Luna toured the world with DJ Khaled. Now, he’s donating revenue from his streams to support the ACLU’s Immigrant’s Rights Project. It’s a tear-jerking, beautiful thing. His forthcoming extended play is to be produced by Cool & Dre, Spank, Reality, and Nasteeluvsyou.

Catch a Dinosaur – Wading (Submission)

As you’re listening to ‘Wading’ by Somerville, Massachusetts band, there’s almost a feeling that some vocals are going to appear on the record, but it never comes. I liked that. It helps to bring division or a point of rest for someone like me, who’s usually listening to something. Hear the dreamy track below.

Model Child – My Queer Teenage Anthem (Submission)

Bitch, could you imagine ‘My Queer Teenage Anthem’ blaring in the girl’s bathroom during your high school years? I would be acting the most foolish individual; trying to do all kinds of dancing that I’d seen on BET or MTV. When I was younger, I was so good at memorising the words to songs after a few listens. I imagine this Model Child record would be an easy one to learn. Hear the vibrant, fun dance track below.

The carefree spirit of the teens lives in this soundscape. We hope this theme continues in the musician’s forthcoming EP, ‘ABC’s’, which comes out in May.

Since94 – Hustler (Submission)

Since94 has a great understanding of what’s in, how to craft a competitive record to achieve proper attention and to deliver a clean vocal. ‘Hustler’ isn’t my absolute favourite track by the artist, but there’s a lot of perfection happening in this specific composition, technical-wise, that I had to share the Mississauga, Ontario native’s record.

Quinn Lewis – Pushing All My Friends Away (Submission)

At some points in our lives, we feel regret, sorrow, and whatever else falls in-between. Australian singer-songwriter Quinn Lewis keeps it transparent about his insecurities, wanting to be wanted, and not knowing all that he should know. I push people away, too. If it is for a finite amount of time, I am pretty clear about wanting and needing my time to process and recoup. Other times, it is to purge toxicity out of my life. Hell, sometimes, people push me away; It’s all good, equally. It takes a certain kind of person to get “there”, mentally and emotionally. Give the record a moment of your time. You may become a new fan.

Anna Rose – Sucker Puncher (Submission)

Nearly perfect is ‘Sucker Puncher’, then, by the time it gets to its chorus, it seems to lose its punch [for me]. I still think Anna Rose has an incredible voice, so I didn’t want to discard the full record. I would have liked to hear differently decisions made—in regards to the song structure—after the ‘1:00’ mark.


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