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#10NewRecords to get you through the week: 10 (Exo Mood, Jedidiah)

This week’s #10NewRecords list consists of Paige, Exo Moda, Fabian Secon, Kissy Fleur, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Paige – Why featuring Matt Patterson (Submission)

Paige & Matt Patterson deliver an EDM party anthem, with their new single, ‘Why’. A funky bass, outstanding melodies and solid vocals combined turn a story of being let down into something to dance about – and as the song progresses, so does the liveliness. It’s catchy and certainly strong enough to get the crowd jumping.

Exo Moda – Noise Core 2000 featuring MADic (Submission)

Exo Moda has recruited, New York-based rapper, MADic to spit some rhymes on his energetic escapist track, ‘Noise Core 2000’. Reminiscent of a Fast And Furious soundtrack, this track is a fusion of powerful breakbeats and grungy electronica. The powerful energy provided is moving enough to make you feel ready to take on the world.

Fabian Secon – F**ked Up On You (Submission)

Fabian Secon exhibits an impressive vocal range on his moody new R&B single, ‘F**ked Up On You’. With an ethereal soundscape and touch of auto-tune, this track gives off a chill vibe that allows you to really take in the lyricism. ‘F**ked Up On You’ has supernatural qualities that will have listeners floating to a higher place – at least, spiritually.

Kissy Fleur – Sedated (Forbidden Fruit) (Submission)

Kissy Fleur unveils one of many dreamy ensembles from her debut album: Ripened Fruits. The single, ‘Sedated (Forbidden Fruit)’, is made up of sweet airy vocals, mellow background sounds and a magical vibe. Although the track exudes relaxing energy, it is part of a chronological narrative that tells the story of sexual assault. Listen to the full album for more of the artists moving testimony.

J Laconn – You Get On My Nerves (Submission)

A song that everyone will be able to relate to, ‘You Get On My Nerves’ is the expressive new release from J Laconn. With a beat that blends Pop with R&B, and soulful vocals, this track will get your fingers clicking and shoulders shaking. ‘You Get On My Nerves’ is perfect for bringing your spirits up when someone has gotten under your skin. Sing along, and get that frustration out.

Jim van der Zee – Vincent (Submission)

Jim van der Zee, the winner of The Voice of Holland Season 8, has released his brand new album ‘Where I Come From’ – which includes his own renditions of his favourite songs. ‘Vincent’ is a powerful acoustic piece that sees the artist beautifully cover the Don Maclean original – in an excitingly charming and fresh way.

Keralanka – Kumar (Submission)

Keralanka makes a humorous and honest cry for the rise of South Asian representation in mainstream media, with their debut music video ‘Kumar’. Inspired by every black and brown hero pushing children to have their own identity, this track does not hold back. It’s unique and refreshing, with an insane beat, hard-hitting bars and playful visuals.

A Less Civilised Era – 21 (Submission)

Alternative Hip-Hop collective, A Less Civilised Era, display their strong ability to convey a meaningful message musically. Laid over a bed of refreshing instruments, the group take an introspective trip down memory lane with reality Rap. The honesty is eye-opening and the story-telling is gripping, making it easy for the emotional lyricism to resonate with many.

Jedidiah – Crowd (Submission)

Nashville-based Pop artist, Jedidiah, takes a new turn with his latest single ‘Crowd’. The track is nothing like anything you’ve heard from this artist before, and the change is pleasant. Alongside the sweet exhibit of impeccable vocals, and a smooth enticing beat, are spontaneous and organic visuals – which combined create a wonderful piece of artistic expression.

Ty Dolla $ign – Pineapple featuring Gucci Mane & Quavo (Personal)

Excuse me, Ty Dolla $ign knows how to move on. He’s one of the only multitalented artists to appear on as many songs as he does. He has a beautiful voice. He sounds great over Trap beats, and he says exactly what he wants to say. That doesn’t change on his latest release, ‘Pineapple’ featuring Gucci Mane & Quavo. Stream the lyric video below. (Richardine Bartee)

Words by Liss Morales

Written by Manny King John

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