Inspired by feminine intuition, Eve Maret’s new instrumental is a transformative tune

The Nashville-native releases a single from her debut LP ‘No More Running (Deluxe Edition)’.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Once, I watched a video about the inner workings of how a woman’s ovary releases an egg into her fallopian tube during the monthly menstrual cycle. I’d been experiencing it my whole life, but only as post-production. I wanted to know what it looked like from inside. I cannot remember if there was a soundtrack but somehow, the music from Nashville, Tennessee artist Eve Maret’s forthcoming LP correlates to that night. I was in bed, on my period, and I wanted to see if I could find out why I feel pressure in my lower abdomen area. I do not cramp as other women have described, but I do experience minimal pressure and feel additional warmth in that region. To the women out there, I don’t know if the music will strike you like a song that mirrors your intuition, but I think it is a well-produced song that deserves attention.

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