Euro League’s “Euro Trip: Continuum EP Vol. 1,” Reviewed

Euro League
Photo cred: Christopher Gabello

Euro League’s latest project, “Euro Trip: Continuum EP Vol. 1” is comprised of five spiritually heightening tracks. The first track, “Kill All Kings” begins with a female vocalist who is joined by Euro League’s intense thought-provoking bars.

“Ahead of my time but I’m so past y’all.”

His mentality prevails on every track because he doesn’t hold anything back, not even religious thoughts. For example on the “Find Me” record, he talks about his spirituality and reasons for avoiding Satan. Throughout “Euro Trip: Continuum EP Vol. 1,” Euro League places emphasis on his high-quality lyrics and overall mindset on life. Euro League is a leader creating a solid following through confidence, realism, and rhythm. If you really listen to his music you’ll hear some life lessons in his lyrics.


Written by Manny King John

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