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#5NewTracks to get you through the week (ETYEN, Sure Sure)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of The Green Door, ETYEN, Sure Sure and more.

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of The Green Door, ETYEN, Sure Sure and more.


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The Green Door – The Tall Grass Is Tangled (Submission)

As it probably does to you, when I listen to music it takes me to another place. “The Tall Grass Is Tangled” brings me to a beach town. Kids and adults are surfing. There’s a wipeout. The smell of grilled meat fills the air. Sand is in my ears and hair. Everything feels right. I’m in love with guitars and the music created from its strums. Hear the latest from The Green Door. It’s one for the books.

Don Jr – I Pray featuring Snap Doog (Submission)

Far more explicit than the song above, Baltimore-based rapper Don Jr celebrates his newfound wealth by looking at his bank account when he’s in the club. I will not front. I’m also guilty of checking my accounts. Like plenty of rap songs you’ve heard before, the topics of discussion are the same. Nonetheless, I like both of the young rappers’ voices. Check out the new track hosted by Trapaholics now.

Yandi – White Wolf (Submission)

If “White Wolf” played in any club, today, I would lose my mind. All I would want to do is take my shirt off, jump around, and burn lots of calories. I’m an Excision fan, so whenever anything remotely sounds like the Canadian god’s style, I support it. As far as the rapping goes, I think it is the right style of rap for its production. Yandi, the 23-year-old San Diego-based recording artist, did his best.

ETYEN – Pon Malai (Submission)

Going back to the idea that music takes me elsewhere, the same applies when I listen to “Pon Malai.” He is a fantastic Lebanese producer who played for the Red Bull Music Academy in 2016. ETYEN is from Beirut, so it is fun to hear tropical, natural sounds and sampled Tamil language used in his latest track. I grew up watching Indian movies (Bollywood), so it resonates with me. Thank you.

Sure Sure – Giants (Submission)

There’s no way you can listen to anything Sure Sure makes and feel disappointment. If you do, personally, I think it’s time to see a professional. The energetic Indie Pop outfit released “Giants” two days ago, but it feels like it has been in my life for years. Honestly, I think they are the kind of band that I’d want to play at my wedding. They’re that good to me. Sure Sure also aren’t strangers to the Indie music charts. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry too much about the Los Angeles-based bunch. They’re going to be fine.

PENPALS – Trip to Peru (Submission) (Bonus)

Walk into the future with remnants from the past, why don’t you? PENPALS, a nostalgic Brooklyn-based trio, journeyed to a land that I’ve never visited on record, but it doesn’t sound like the South American country. On the contrary, it screams honourable jazzy Hip-Hop circa the 90s, New York, New York. Maybe they’re taking their New York-bred flavour to the Amazon forest. You be the judge. Stream the record below.

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