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Esparo’s “21 After,” Honestly Reviewed


“21 After” is Queens, New York-bred rapper Esparo’s latest mixtape. On the project, the 21-year-old gives us a 14-track effort expressing everything from failed relationships, his conviction for success, to the will to stay on the right path. Right out the gate you recognize this young man’s flow, how he brings forth his lyrics. He delivers well with his crystal clear aggressiveness and gritty delivery.

Opening with a track titled “Closed Doors,” it is a tune to vibe to that gives you a bit of insight into his path and the pursuit of his dreams. He speaks lightly of losing friends and former team members, and dealt with distractions that deter you from your primary mission saying:

“Cool in my face, but they wanna put that flame to me.”

Two favorites — “LXVE” is featuring Room 6ix is an honest expression of heartfelt feelings about love told over a slow dreamy-like beat. He says:

“You know this love shit, I don’t really like talking about it…”

Exposing the sensitivity of how he still checks on his past love through a sister but not on no “creep-ish,” as he puts it shows his vulnerable side.

“Me & You” is a similar type track, but reminiscent of Kid Ink featuring DeJ Loaf’s song, “Let’s Be Honest.” The bass-heavy track lures you in, coming off as an ode to that girl you’ve been checking for. Speaking on the irregularities of it all versus what it should be telling us that:

“Relationship goal bitches, they only want the limelight.”

He wraps up the project with “Real One Freestyle,” a Lauryn Hill sample paired with an off-beat rhythm on the track an excellent ending a particular girl and the up and downs of the relationship. Esparo’s unique and forward flow, along with his ability to switch up and ride with the beat. This mixtape is filled with a few head nodding tracks, some with mediocre choruses but you can’t deny that Esparo’s is talented, and his imminent flow is sure to get him recognized by many.


Written by Manny King John

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